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K5JAW 2014 Operations

This year, I'll celebrate my 43rd Birthday.  Among many other things, I'm planning to spend a good bit of time behind the mic at Station K5JAW.  One goal for the year is to work through a slightly modified version of QSO365.  I posted this entry to outline my general ideas on how I'll accomplish QSO365.

As part of organizing my thoughts on how I'll operate this year, I've decided to use HF frequencies that include the number "43" in some way.  All of these are SSB/Phone.  I don't have any plans to use digital modes on HF this year, but I may.  I'll post target frequencies if I go that route.  For SSB/Phone, I'll be planning to call CQ on the following (+/- QRM/QRN):

80 Meters:  3.843
40 Meters:  7.243
20 Meters:  14.243
17 Meters:  18.143
15 Meters:  21.430
10 Meters:  28.430

One other major goal for 2014 is to complete my Worked All States (WAS) Basic.  I currently lack two states - Montana and Oklahoma - to finish WAS using Logbook of The World (LOTW).  

I'll use this page to update the status of my QSO365 quest, and other operating notes.  You can also keep up with routine operating notes updates by looking for the "Operating Notes" tag in my blog entries on the main page

Monthly Stats:

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