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Friday, January 3, 2014

QSO365 - My Way

Well we've rolled into a new year, with a clean slate to make of it what we wish.  A number of other amateur radio station operators have taken on a challenge known as QSO365, in which they set a goal of having at least one contact logged for each day of the year.  For the ones that have tried it, they report it is a challenge to find time each and every day to make a contact.  Work and personal schedules certainly take priority over hobby-time, but they've done it, and reported good results beyond just logging contacts.  They've become better operators during the process.

I've considered doing a QSO365 challenge before, but knowing how my schedule can be, I've not pursued it.  For the most part in 2013, my amateur radio activity was limited to local 2-meter operations, and occasional 80 meter state and regional nets.  I basically took the year off from the bulk of High-Frequency operations.  There was no real reason, as I take the hobby in phases.

Since I've been on leave for the holidays, I've been active again this week on the high frequency bands, and have decided to take on a modified QSO365 challenge.  I'm committing to logging a minimum of 365 contacts this year, with the goal of trying to log at least one per day.  I already know that my work and personal schedules will have me away from the radio for days at times, so I'm planning to make numerous contacts during the times I can be on the air.  I'll "bank" those contacts for use when I know I won't be available for air-time.  As I mentioned before, QSO365 is more about becoming a better operator, not just logging daily contacts.  I want to spend more time in the hobby than I've given it in the past, and this goal is the means to that end.

Since January 1, to the writing of this entry, I've logged 18 contacts on HF, as well as continued participation in local and regional nets.  In that, I'm particularly proud to report my first contact for 2014 waw W100AW, the American Radio Relay League's special event call sign for their Centennial QSO Party, celebrating the League's 100th year.  My second contact was none other than W1AW/4, the one of the ARRL's portable operations that will be visiting every state in the nation this year for their centennial anniversary.  I was lucky enough to make both of those contacts in a ten-minute timeframe.  W1AW/8, another ARRL portable, is also in the log for 2014.

If you'd like to schedule a contact, feel free to look me up on and we'll set a date.  If you're working the ARRL Centennial QSO Party to build up points, I can offer you 12 points on my call for being an ARRL Emergency Coordinator.

I'll be posting a new set of Operating Notes later this weekend, reviewing the week's on-air activities.  Until then, 73 de K5JAW.

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