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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amateur Radio Balloon Project

The other day I posted information about the Ridgeland Olde Town Middle School science & technology club's plan to launch a high-altitude balloon science experiment over the weekend.

Well, they were successful!  A host of amateur radio stations were able to receive telemetry from the balloon, and relay that data back to the school over the internet.  Here's one frame of data that my station captured:


This stream of data indicates the balloon was at 27,578 meters, or 90,479 feet altitude.  Their peak altitude was 92,098 feet.  Other data reported includes a temperature of -13C or -8.6F.  At that point, the balloon's position was just east of Union, Mississippi.  The balloon traveled about 108 miles east of Jackson, and landed just northwest of Lexington, Alabama.

Congratulations to these big-dreaming students, their instructors, and the groups that supported and sponsored their efforts!

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