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Friday, January 13, 2012

Going Portable...

I'm planning to take my HF gear and operate portable from Grid EM53bl in Carroll County, Mississippi on Saturday, January 14, 2012.

The plans are fluid, and may be cancelled outright depending on family and weather factors.  Generally, here's my idea:

1. HF portable operation for 4-6 hours.  Operation site will be static, not mobile.
2. Power will be supplied by generator.  Plan to operate at 50-100 watts, SSB.  No digital or CW.
3. Antenna will be of the "hamstick" variety, vertical.
4. Operating hours haven't been set, but expect to be generally between 1500 and 2100 UTC. (9am - 3pm Central time)
5.  Frequencies will be +/- 3.901, 7.188, 14.336, 18.136, 21.336, 24.936, and 28.336.  Those are the "county hunter" frequencies.  I'll move up or down based on nets, QRN and QSB.  Expect most activity to be on 20 meters.

Logs will be added to Logbook of The World and at a later date, as I will be keeping a manual log for this trip.  Once contacts are entered in my electronic logbook, they will be uploaded.

Inclimate weather cancels.  Conditions are expected to be cool but fair, with some wind.  Highs in the mid-50s with 5-10 mph winds and occasionally higher gusts.

Updates will be posted on my Twitter account.

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