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Saturday, April 28, 2012

LxPedition 412A Report

Well the K5JAW LxPedition 412A is in the books.  This outing was planned in conjunction with my son's wish to camp out a night before going turkey hunting.  I was happy to oblige his wishes, because it gave me the opportunity to operate away from my normal shack.  I haven't operated HF portable in a while, and I learned a few things worth passing along.

First, anytime you're operating portable, enjoy the surroundings.  Yes, playing radio is fun, and enjoy that.  I went on this trip hoping to make a lot of contacts, but only logged seven.  Why so few?  One simple reason: I had more fun listening to the frogs and crickets while we watched the stars, airplanes and satellites fly overhead, including the International Space Station.  Living in a city has conveniences and benefits.  The tradeoff is you forget just how many stars are in the sky.  Translation: make a few good contacts, but enjoy your setting even more.

Second, a more practical thought, especially when operating from battery power.  Instead of planning to use target frequencies and calling CQ until you're hoarse, just spin the dial and work the ones you can hear.  I tried the CQ CQ CQ thing for a bit, but quickly realized that you'll just drain a battery waiting on someone to find your little signal.  Go find the others, and work them instead.  Use pre-planned frequencies for scheduled contacts.

For the log on this trip (using 40 watts unless otherwise noted):
IZ0EYP - Christian, in Italy (longest-distance contact at 5285 miles)
EA4LU - Francisco, in Spain
AB3AH - Ed, operating mobile in Pennsylvania
KG5YK - Robert in Louisiana, net control for the Central Gulf Coast Hurricane Net (I was on 10 watts)
OK1CF - Karel in the Czech Republic, who needed Carroll County, MS for his counties-worked log.  He was quite excited and appreciative.
AD5J - Malcolm in Starkville, MS, net control for the Magnolia Section Net
KA5DON - Don, a good friend down in South Mississippi (20 watts)

Contacts have been uploaded to LoTW,, and

I said earlier to enjoy your surroundings when operating portable.  Here's what I mean...



73 till next time!

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