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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Week's Recap on the air

I haven't been on the high frequency bands lately, mostly because I've got a noisy radio.  Based on internet research, I think there's a filter or two going bad in the FT-897D.  Hopefully I can get that addressed soon.  The radio will receive clearly at times, then so noisy at times even digital signals like PSK are wiped out completely.

For whatever reason I decided this week to spend plenty of time with the rig to see if I could further isolate the problem.  I didn't narrow it down.  But in the meantime, I did log a lot of new contacts, including a few new DX entries.

One contact I missed was my fellow blogger KD0BIK, who's active in SOTA - Summits On The Air, out in Colorado.  He operated from the peak of Genesee Mountain near Denver today.  Propagation just wasn't in our favor though.  Perhaps next time!

Here's the contact list for the week:

CE4SFG - Chile
W7WIA - Arizona
K2PSD - New Jersey
CU3DI - Azores (new country)
WD0DMO - Nebraska
KA8JIM - Ohio
KC8SWR - Michigan
CO6HLP - Cuba
KB8OSB - Ohio
XE1SEK - Mexico
KC5WQ - Mississippi
CT1FMX - Portugal
WE1SH - Oregon
UT2IU - Ukraine
KC5RFL - Mississippi
K9ZJ - Wisconsin
IZ5TLE - Italy
9A1CCB - Croatia
W8FDV - Arizona
KY0R - Colorado
CO3TJ - Cuba
AJ4QT - Florida
N6UGJ - California
4Z5LR - Israel (new country)
LU1BR - Argentina
OK1WCF - Czech Republic (new country)
KA3EHL - Virginia
HA8JV - Hungary
CO8LY - Cuba

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