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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Visit a Friend

If you're an amateur radio operator, or one who wished you'd just followed your free spirited heart in younger days, go visit my online friend NR4CB - Connie.  She's all over the web, including her blog of the trip "Are We There Yet", Twitter, road-trip Twitter, and Facebook.

Connie is a motivated college student from Florida, finishing up undergraduate work and planning to start on her Master's this fall.  Instead of sauntering through a typical summer, she's launching out on a planned 6000-mile trek across the eastern United States and Canada.  In years to come her grandchildren will be entertained by the stories she accumulates on this adventure.  Who among us doesn't wish we'd done something like that?

In addition to blogging and tweeting along the way, she will be hauling a ham radio around her two-country, twenty-three-state jaunt, giving those lucky enough to have contact with her the opportunity to vicariously ride along.

Drop by her blog, follow her on your favorite social media, and tag along for the ride.  I'm certain you'll be glad you did!

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