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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekly Rainfall 4/28-5/4/13

The data below was compiled using a rain gauge on the north side of Indianola, MS over the past week.  The gauge is read and emptied at approximately 7:00am daily, therefore the rainfall total shown each day is from the prior 24 hours starting at 7:00am.

Total rainfall for the week was 2.76".

Current total May rainfall: 2.65" (this represents 51% of the 5.16" thirty-year average rainfall for the month of May in the area)

DateTimeStation NumberStation NameTotal Precip in.New Snow in.Total Snow in.StateCountyView
4/28/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  0.11 NA NA MSSunflower  View
4/29/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  0.00 0.0 NA MSSunflower  View
4/30/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  0.00 0.0 NA MSSunflower  View
5/1/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  0.03 NA NA MSSunflower  View
5/2/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  0.83 NA NA MSSunflower  View
5/3/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  1.32 NA NA MSSunflower  View
5/4/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  0.47 NA NA MSSunflower  View

NOTE:  A new CoCoRaHS Station, MS-SF-3, located 3.9 miles north of Sunflower, has begun reporting precipitation totals this week.  For the 5/3 rainfall, MS-SF-3 reported 2.70 inches, just more than double the rainfall in MS-SF-1 in Indianola.  In future posts, we'll include the average rainfall between MS-SF-1 and MS-SF-3, in order to give you a more accurate picture of rainfall in the area.

To increase the accuracy of rainfall data, more interested volunteers are invited to join the CoCoRaHS program.  To do so, please visit to sign up, and for more information about the CoCoRaHS network.  Adding at least one observer per town, and several scattered about the county would provide invaluable information for our neighbors.  Please consider joining.

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