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Sunday, March 23, 2014

K5JAW Operating Notes, 2014 Week 12 (March 16-22, 2014)

On The Air: 
Aside from the routine nets that occur each day of the week, I've enjoyed some DX activity on the HF bands.  Four new DXCC entities were logged this week.  That brings my 2014 total of new DXCC entries to 16, if I counted correctly!  It has been fun, and quite a challenge to break through the huge pileups that come with DXCC's that aren't heard that often.  I can tell you it is very satisfying to hear the DX station call back "Kilo 5?" or "Juliette Alpha Whiskey?" from among the big guns that are trying to call him.  The new DXCC's logged this week were Greece, Latvia, South Korea, and Kuwait.

Top 5 Distances This Week:
9K2QA - Kuwait, 7300 miles
HL5FUA - Republic of Korea (S. Korea), 6800 miles
RT0F - Russia, 5900 miles
SV2CXI - Greece, 5700 miles
YT0W - Serbia, 5500 miles

International Contacts:

Aruba, Bahamas, France, Greece, Kuwait, Latvia, Republic of Korea, Russia, Serbia

States Worked:
Arizona, California, Hawaii, Mississippi, New Mexico

Bands Worked this Week:
80m - 5 contacts
20m - 5 contacts
17m - 1 contact
12m - 5 contacts
10m - 2 contacts
2m - 6 contacts

Around the Station:
The highlight of the week was receiving my Worked All Continents award!  I had my cards checked and the application sent off about two months ago.  Since that time, I've "worked all continents" on 10 meters in one day, as well as truly working ALL continents by getting Antarctica in the log a couple of weeks ago.

QSL Cards Received this week
QSL Cards Going Out in the coming week
No cards this week, I'm waiting on some new QSL cards to be delivered.  I'll catch up as soon as I get them!

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