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Sunday, April 6, 2014

K5JAW Operating Notes, 2014 Week 13 &14 (March 23-April 5, 2014)

On The Air: 
It's been a busy couple of weeks around Station K5JAW, but very little of that busy time has been amateur radio time!  Only 42 contacts were logged in this two-week period, and most of them were for activity in various nets.  A few days out of town for work contributed to the lack of radio time.  Additionally, I've been spending evening time working on getting a small garden up and going.

For my 2014 QSO 365 project, the first three months of the year have been a great success.  396 contacts were logged in January (166), February (91), and March (139), with 16 new DXCC entries logged.  That averages out to just over 4 contacts per day, if you like running averages.  Certainly there were days with only one or two contacts, and a few days with multiple contacts.  My highest single-day tally was 35 contacts on March 1.

Are you doing a QSO 365?  Or have you considered taking up the challenge?  How are you doing so far?

Top 5 Distances This Period:
RK9UN - Russia, 6400 miles
UA9MA - Russia, 6200 miles
R7DX - Russia, 6100 miles
S58N - Slovenia, 5200 miles
OE3XMA - Austria, 5100 miles

International Contacts:
Asiatic Russia, Austria, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, European Russia, Slovenia, US Virgin Islands

States Worked:
Mississippi, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont

QSL Cards Received this week

QSL Cards Going Out in the coming week
No cards this week, I'm waiting on some new QSL cards to be delivered.  I'll catch up as soon as I get them!

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