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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Operating Notes, 12/9/2011

On The Air: 
National & Regional:
Santa Claus will take to the HF airwaves as we get closer to Christmas.  If you've got a youngster who would enjoy talking with Santa via amateur radio, then take a look at these articles, and tune in:

Santa Net Special Event W2HO - Orange County Amateur Radio Club, Newburgh, NY on December 10, 2030Z to 2300Z, 7200 kHz and 3920 kHz.  More info can also be found at the club's website

Santa on The Freewheelrs and The Tailgaters nets (Voice of Ham Radio, KE5GGY blog).  December 13th, 15th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, and 24th 8:30 - 9:00 PM Central time, 3916 kHz.

Stations around the Mississippi Delta have been experimenting with Slow-Scan TV (SSTV) on 2 meters FM, at 145.510 MHz.  SSTV gives us a means to transmit color or black-and-white images over the air to another amateur station.  While the images are generally routine, the technology can be useful to get low resolution images of disaster damage when other means of communication are unavailable. 

QSL Cards received this week:

Outgoing QSL Cards from K5JAW:
UR8MH - Ukraine
PY3ED - Brazil
P43E - Aruba
ON4CAS - Belgium
OH7UE - Finland
MI0SAI - Northern Ireland
JA2XYO - Japan
IZ8QIX - Italy
IZ2JPN - Italy
IZ1PKV - Italy
HP3HSG - Panama
F4FFH - France
F4BKV - France
FO5QB - French Polynesia
EA8CDJ -Canary Islands
HK5/EA4AAZ -Spanish station operating in Colombia
CT1CDP - Portugal
ZL3NB - New Zealand

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