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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Operating Notes - Dec 3, 2011

Enjoyed a good morning on the air for the National Weather Service's SKYWARN Recognition Day.  NWS Stations logged today were:
K8DTX - NWS White Lake, Michigan (Detroit)
KC0NWS - NWS Central Region Headquarters, Kansas City, Missouri
N0W - NWS Grand Junction, Colorado (Special Event Callsign)
N7PI - NWS Pocatello, Idaho
W9NWS - NWS Indianapolis, Indiana
WX0GLD - NWS Goodland, Kansas
WX4MLB - NWS Melbourne, Florida
WX4NWS - NWS Louisville, Kentucky
WX4RNK - NWS Blacksburg, Virginia
WX5AMA - NWS Amarillo, Texas
WX5EWX - NWS Austin, Texas
WX5HGX - NWS Houston, Texas
WX5JAN - NWS Jackson, Mississippi
WX8GRR - NWS Grand Rapids, Michigan
WX8WIL - NWS Wilmington, Ohio
WX9ARX - NWS La Crosse, Wisconsin
WX9ILS - NWS Lincoln, Illinois

International Stations logged today:
EA5BZ - Ruben in Elche, Spain, 4873 miles
CX5BW - Pedro in Uruguay, 5208 miles

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