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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bouncing data off the International Space Station

For the first time, I tried my hand at relaying a digital packet signal through the amateur radio system aboard the International Space station as it passed over Mississippi around 8:30pm on June 6, 2013.  The packet I sent was successfully heard and relayed, and is highlighted below.  The line shows the signal sent by my station, K5JAW-1, being relayed by RS0ISS-4, which is the Russian call sign for the International Space Station's amateur packet station.  The time stamp shows June 7, 2013 01:30:15, which is Universal Coordinated Time, the international standard time for amateur operators.  This is my second contact with the ISS.  The first was a voice contact on November 7, 2010.  You can listen to that contact by clicking here.

Below you'll find a screen-capture of a map produced by, which plots stations heard by the International Space Station.  You'll note KC5WQ-2 near Itta Bena, and some of his packets are also listed below.

N1LF>CQ,RS0ISS-4* [06/07/13  01:29:18] <UI>:=3313.45N/08652.30W-CQ FROM EM63
K5WH-3>WALTER,RS0ISS-4* [06/07/13  01:30:05] <UI C>:=2958.08N/09534.90W`WALTER, HOUSTON, TX.
K5JAW-1>RS0ISS-3,RS0ISS-4* [06/07/13  01:30:15] <UI R>:=3327.85N/09038.75W-K5JAW Greetings from Indianola MS EM43ql

KC5WQ-2>K5JAW,RS0ISS-4 [06/07/13  01:30:26] <UI>:=3328.45N/09022.30W-From Larry - ITTA BENA, MS  EM43TL {UISS53}
KC5WQ-2>K5JAW,RS0ISS-4* [06/07/13  01:30:27] <UI>:=3328.45N/09022.30W-From Larry - ITTA BENA, MS  EM43TL {UISS53}
KC5WQ-2>K5JAW,RS0ISS-4 [06/07/13  01:30:30] <UI>:Hello To all from Mississippi Delta.  EM43tl
KC5WQ-2>K5JAW,RS0ISS-4 [06/07/13  01:30:35] <UI>::BLN      :Hello All. From MS Delta.. EM43tl
KC5WQ-2>K5JAW,RS0ISS-4* [06/07/13  01:30:36] <UI>::BLN      :Hello All. From MS Delta.. EM43tl
W4ZZA>APRS,RS0ISS-4* [06/07/13  01:30:39] <UI R>:!3414.56N/08740.30WyPHG5258 Via ISS AL-USA EM64

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