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Saturday, January 4, 2014

K5JAW Operating Notes - 2014 Week 1 (Jan 1-4, 2014)

On The Air: 
I've enjoyed a great week on the air, thanks to leave time taken from work.  25 contacts were recorded for 2014 Week 1 (Jan 1-4, 2014).  Note: I'm using UTC time to mark the weeks.  Therefore, Week 1 ended at 6pm Central time on Saturday.  I'll keep a running tally of the year on the K5JAW 2014 Operations page, which is also available in the tabs at the top of the blog page.

***Sneak Peek for an upcoming blog post: Have you looked at your Logbook of The World verification rate lately?  I did a study on mine, and found some trends that may be useful.  Look for the results to be posted Sunday afternoon, January 5, 2014.

Top 5 Distances Covered this Week
SP7VC - Poland - 5200 miles
YV4KW/1 - Venezuela - 1900 miles
W8YCM/6Y5 - Jamaica - 1300 miles
W100AW - Connecticut - 1100 miles
KD2DZR - New Jersey - 1050 miles

Countries worked:  Poland, Venezuela, Jamaica

National & Regional
States Worked: Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia

If you're around the Mississippi Delta and in range of the N5LRL Repeater 147.285+ 107.2Hz tone, join the Delta Amateur Radio Emergency Services Net on Sunday nights at 8:00pm local time.

Around the Station:
Check out the American Radio Relay League's Centennial QSO Party that is taking place all year in 2014.  I was very lucky to work W100AW for my very first log entry for 2014.  Ten minutes later, I logged W1AW/4 operating in North Carolina.  Before the week was over, I managed to make contact with W1AW/8 in West Virginia.  W1AW will be operating portable in every state throughout the year.  You can find their schedule here.  In addition to W100AW and two of the W1AW portable operations, I logged one Division Director (N5ZGT).  If you're keeping up with the Centennial Points Challenge, that's 325 points logged in very short order!

As a side note, if you are interested in the ARRL Centennial QSO Party, I've found that ARRL officers and appointees are very receptive to your contact for points.  N5ZGT was a pleasant contact, as was W100AW.  I heard ARRL President N3KN, but couldn't make it through the pileup she had going.  Kay was a pleasure to listen to, as she was very patient and gracious with all the stations trying to work her.

Active Bands at K5JAW this Week
2 meters
15 Meters - 1 contact
17 Meters - 15 contacts
20 Meters - 5 contacts
40 Meters - 4 contacts 

QSL Cards Received
None received

QSL Cards Going Out
KT4QW - Two contacts this week.  Great on-air visit!
W8YCM/6Y5 (Jamaica)

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