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Friday, June 29, 2012

Disaster Preps: Small Steps

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to post weekly family disaster preparedness lists of simple purchases that you can make for your family.  None of these items are expensive, and can be purchased during your regular shopping.  There will be a total of 24 weekly lists.  Some items, such as certain food goods, will be repetitive.  You'll slowly build a stock of shelf-stable food items that will give your family about four days worth of food, along with an assortment of hardware items useful in emergencies.

Earlier this year, I posted an entry about a useful tool for gathering your family's critical information into a single document.  Let me encourage you to revisit that entry, and consider your need for creating a customized family disaster plan.  Although it is the middle of summer, we'll have our fall severe weather season coming soon, followed by winter and its risk of snow and ice.

As we present each week's list, check your house for supplies you may already have on-hand.  Consider how and where you will store these supplies.  Meet with your family to begin an emergency plan, and explain why you're preparing, and how and when for them to react to emergencies.  Discuss with them about when and where to evacuate, if necessary.

Family emergency preparedness isn't a one-time effort; it is a mindset.  Alarming  your family members is not the goal of this series.  We hope to educate and encourage you.

I hope you find this series of posts useful, and your comments are welcome.  There will be a new list posted every Saturday morning!

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