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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

International Space Station visible over Mississippi: 27 June 2012

The International Space Station will be visible over Mississippi on June 27, 2012.  Depending on  your location, your viewing times may vary by a few seconds from the times listed below.  Additionally, your local horizon (trees, buildings, etc) may influence your viewing times.  Times are listed in 24-hour format, therefore 20h32m = 8:32pm local time.  The times and information were retrieved from

North Mississippi:
Appears      20h32m05s   3.5mag  az:316.2° NW   horizon
Culmination  20h37m20s  -3.8mag  az: 41.0° NE   h:56.9°
 distance: 468.6km  height above Earth: 397.6km  elevation of Sun: -5°  angular velocity: 0.91°/s
Disappears   20h41m06s  -1.6mag  az:123.0° ESE  h:6.6°

Central Mississippi:
Appears      20h32m24s   2.8mag  az:321.4° NW   horizon
Culmination  20h37m35s  -3.2mag  az: 40.8° NE   h:38.2°
 distance: 614.7km  height above Earth: 397.5km  elevation of Sun: -6°  angular velocity: 0.70°/s
Disappears   20h41m06s  -1.7mag  az:114.2° ESE  h:7.3°

South Mississippi:
Appears      20h32m59s   2.5mag  az:324.8° NW   horizon
Culmination  20h38m07s  -3.0mag  az: 41.7° NE   h:32.7°
 distance: 690.6km  height above Earth: 397.4km  elevation of Sun: -8°  angular velocity: 0.62°/s
Disappears   20h41m06s  -1.9mag  az:108.5° ESE  h:9.9°

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