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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weekly Rainfall 3/24-30/2013

We're looking for volunteer observers to participate in the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network!  You can join the network by visiting for information on how to join, and where you can purchase a CoCoRaHS gauge.  Many counties in Mississippi have no observers at all, so if  you routinely measure and record rainfall totals, please consider becoming a CoCoRaHS volunteer.  If your county already has observers, your data is still useful to the National Weather Service, emergency management, and a host of community organizations.  Click here for an article previously published on this website concerning the need for CoCoRaHS volunteers.

The data below was compiled using a rain gauge on the north side of Indianola, MS over the past week.  The gauge is read and emptied at approximately 7:00am daily, therefore the rainfall total shown each day is from the prior 24 hours starting at 7:00am.

Total rainfall for the week was 1.22".

Current total March rainfall: 3.93"
DateTimeStation NumberStation NameTotal Precip in.New Snow in.Total Snow in.StateCountyView
3/24/2013  7:40 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  1.12 NA NA MSSunflower  View
3/25/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  0.01 NA NA MSSunflower  View
3/26/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  0.00 0.0 NA MSSunflower  View
3/27/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  0.00 0.0 NA MSSunflower  View
3/28/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  0.00 0.0 NA MSSunflower  View
3/29/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  0.00 0.0 NA MSSunflower  View
3/30/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N  0.09 NA NA MSSunflower  View

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