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Friday, August 10, 2012

On the Air...

This blog serves two purposes:  to deliver basic weather information to friends and family around the Mississippi Delta, and to provide an online presence for my activities in Amateur Radio.  Since I started this blog, I've subscribed to a number of amateur radio blogs and podcasts. 

Just after I signed on the air tonight, one of my fellow bloggers replied to my call for contacts.  KD0BIK, Jerry Taylor is the author of, and host of the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast.  In addition to a (mostly) monthly podcast, Jerry also produces the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast - Plus Edition, which is a brief weekly summary of on-air events scheduled for the week.

It's always a pleasure to put new stations into the log, and an even greater pleasure to log fellow amateur radio bloggers.  Please visit KD0BIK's website and subscribe to his free educational podcasts!  You'll hear him present a variety of amateur radio topics in an easy, informal way.  You can also find him on various social media outlets through his PARP Facebook page, and his Twitter presence @KD0BIK

Thanks for our second on-air visit, Jerry!

And you can keep up with this station, K5JAW at our Facebook page, and our Twitter account @K5JAW where Mississippi weather information is posted, along with station activities.

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