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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Budget Cuts to affect River Gauges

I try to avoid politics in this blog, but because I post weather-related information here, I felt this was important.  It appears, from this report, that federal budget "sequester" cuts may result in some automatic river gauges to be shut down.  Really?  Taking an option to cut funding for a piece of equipment used to monitor river stages, from which flood warnings are generated, is an illustration of irresponsible management practices.  Certainly, there are maintenance costs as well as fees for the satellite data feeds, but aren't there other, less critical areas that could be cut?  This is akin to a family not replacing the batteries in a smoke alarm to save money. 

You can click the link in the paragraph above for the full article.  Here's a snippet:
More than 100 crucial gauges that warn of imminent flooding or lack of needed water will soon be shut down, as part of the federal government's automatic budget cuts.

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