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Sunday, April 7, 2013

More Space Station Viewing this week 4/7-4/13/13

Here's a round-up of opportunities to see the International Space Station this week.  Provided there's good weather, the listings below should offer you a good, bright view as it passes over Mississippi.  Please note the times are in 24-hour format.  19h = 7pm, 20h = 8pm, 21h = 9pm.  Relative brightness is expressed as a negative number, with -4.0mag being very bright, -2.0 being less bright.  All passes listed are visible, but from one pass to another you'll notice variations in brightness due to the space station's position relative to the sun from your viewing point.  Also, these times are for the Mississippi Delta area.  Your specific viewing time may vary from a few seconds to one minute difference than those listed if you're not near the Delta area.

The best opportunities will be Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, with Tuesday's pass being the brightest this week.

Appears      19h36m01s   0.0mag  az:199.2° SSW  horizon
at Meridian  19h38m46s  -1.6mag  az:180.0° S    h:12.5°
Culmination  19h41m03s  -2.9mag  az:129.4° SE   h:23.5°
 distance: 903.6km  height above Earth: 410.7km  elevation of Sun: -4°  angular velocity: 0.51°/s
Disappears   19h46m04s  -0.8mag  az: 59.8° ENE  horizon

Appears      21h12m28s   1.0mag  az:251.3° WSW  horizon
Culmination  21h17m34s  -1.4mag  az:323.6° NW   h:25.2°
 distance: 859.5km  height above Earth: 410.7km  elevation of Sun: -23°  angular velocity: 0.53°/s
at Meridian  21h18m52s  -1.6mag  az:  0.0° N    h:19.7°
Disappears   21h19m21s  -1.5mag  az:  9.3° N    h:16.3°

Appears      20h21m51s   0.9mag  az:237.2° WSW  horizon
Culmination  20h27m10s  -2.7mag  az:319.2° NW   h:47.0°
 distance: 548.3km  height above Earth: 411.1km  elevation of Sun: -13°  angular velocity: 0.83°/s
at Meridian  20h27m53s  -2.9mag  az:  0.0° N    h:38.6°
Disappears   20h32m09s  -0.6mag  az: 40.7° NE   h:1.6°

Appears      19h31m29s   0.7mag  az:223.0° SW   horizon
at Meridian  19h36m42s  -4.0mag  az:180.0° S    h:77.1°
Culmination  19h36m51s  -4.1mag  az:135.2° SE   h:80.8°
 distance: 416.5km  height above Earth: 411.4km  elevation of Sun: -2°  angular velocity: 1.10°/s
Disappears   19h42m13s  -0.7mag  az: 47.6° NE   horizon

Appears      19h27m32s   1.7mag  az:245.5° WSW  horizon
Culmination  19h32m45s  -1.6mag  az:321.7° NW   h:31.9°
 distance: 726.5km  height above Earth: 412.2km  elevation of Sun: -1°  angular velocity: 0.63°/s
at Meridian  19h33m51s  -2.1mag  az:  0.0° N    h:25.2°
Disappears   19h37m58s  -0.6mag  az: 38.2° NE   horizon

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