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Saturday, April 6, 2013

International Space Station visible 4/6/2013

The International Space Station will be visible from Mississippi tonight, April 6, 2013, around 8:30pm Central Daylight Time.

It should appear in the South-Southwest about 8:25pm, then at its highest point in the Southeast at 8:31pm, then disappear in the Northeast at 8:33pm.  It should be very bright at its highest point, slightly brighter than the planet Venus.  If you have a scanner, program 145.825 MHz and you may hear amateur radio data transmissions from the Space Station.

Please note your viewing time may vary from a few seconds to a minute plus or minus the indicated times, depending on your observation location.

The times below are valid for observers in the west Mississippi Delta:

Appears      20h25m56s   0.2mag  az:214.4° SW   horizon
Culmination  20h31m14s  -4.0mag  az:133.0° SE   h:49.5°
 distance: 528.0km  height above Earth: 410.3km  elevation of Sun: -14°
Disappears   20h33m16s  -2.6mag  az: 64.0° ENE  h:19.6°

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