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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly Rainfall 1/13/13 - 1/19/13

The data below was compiled using a rain gauge on the north side of Indianola, MS over the past week.  The gauge is read and emptied at approximately 7:00am daily, therefore the rainfall total shown each day is from the prior 24 hours starting at 7:00am.

Total rainfall for the week was 2.04".

Current total January rainfall: 9.95"

Total rainfall for previous month: 6.91"

***NOTE: While snowfall was reported in the area Wednesday night into Thursday, none was present at the time the gauge was recorded, therefore no snowfall was recorded.  Sleet and freezing rain that fell on Monday and Tuesday were melted down and measured as rainfall.
Date TimeStation NumberStation NameTotal Precip in.New Snow in.Total Snow in.StateCountyView
1/19/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N 0.00 0.0 NA MSSunflower View
1/18/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N 0.00 0.0 NA MSSunflower View
1/17/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N 0.01 NA NA MSSunflower View
1/16/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N 0.32 NA NA MSSunflower View
1/15/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N 0.20 NA NA MSSunflower View
1/14/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N 1.23 NA NA MSSunflower View
1/13/2013  7:00 AM  MS-SF-1  Indianola 1.1 N 0.28 NA NA MSSunflower View

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